Your International Supply Chain Integrated

SC INTEGRATORS provides a range of international freight forwarding and customs brokerage services and assists customers with compliance and domestic logistics needs.


Why Choose Us

With the help of our vast international agent network, special relationships with major ocean carriers, highly knowledgeable and trained staff, we offer tailor—made shipping solutions. A single pallet for an ecommerce store, a group of full containers with raw material, a reefer container with perishables, a flat container with sophisticated mining equipment-everything is handled with meticulous attention. Our dedicated customer service team is always available to provide updates on the shipments and address all possible concerns.

Main Services

Ocean Freight

Less-than-Container Loads
Full Container Loads

We provide LCL services to and from major cities worldwide. LCL service is ideal if you would like to ship between 1 to 10-15 cubic meters of cargo and cost is the most important factor for you. Our FCL services cover all major global trade lanes.

Customs Brokerage

Import Goods Release

SC Integrators, a licensed customs broker, assists customers in compliance with Canada Customs import and export laws and regulations. On behalf of the customers, we prepare and submit   to the Canada Border Services Agency ( CBSA ) required for the release of the goods information, pay duties and taxes.


Reliable and affordable storage solutions for your products!

Our modern warehouse allows us to accept a variety of loads ranging from small parcels and individual pallets to full containers for short- and long-term storage.

Project Cargo

We provide a full range of services for oversized and overweight shipments moving internationally, including special arrangements with the ocean, road, and rail carriers for transportation of over-dimensional shipments on specialized equipment (open top and flat rack containers), transloading, blocking, bracing, and surveying.

Give yourself peace of mind with our cargo insurance

All carriers provide only a limited liability coverage. In most cases, the amount covered by the carrier’s limited liability does not include the full cost of damaged goods, freight charges and administrative expenses. With our competitively-priced cargo insurance, you can obtain coverage up to 110% of CIF value (commercial invoice value + insurance costs + freight) of the cargo.

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We are conveniently located in Metro Vancouver, one of the major North America’s pacific gateways.

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