New Amazon Fulfillment Center in Alberta: FBA Edmonton (YEG1)

In addition to the six hundred thousand square foot Amazon Fulfillment Center in Calgary (YYC1), which was opened in 2018, Amazon is building the second Fulfillment Center in Alberta province. A one-million square foot Amazon Fulfillment Warehouse is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2020 in Edmonton, AB. The Amazon Edmonton warehouse (YEG1) is built at the Border Business Park in Leduc Country off of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway and very close to the Edmonton International Airport.

Though the opening of an additional Amazon warehouse should bring one-day shipping for Amazon customers in Edmonton and offer relief for the overloaded Canadian Amazon warehouses in Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary areas, it might increase the cost of the transportation for FBA sellers. Those FBA sellers that are on Amazon Inventory Placement Service must ship their cargo to a fulfillment center assigned by Amazon. The transportation cost to different FBA locations across Canada is not the same. With most of the shipments arriving to Canada through the West Coast ports from China, the transportation cost to the Amazon fulfillment centers in Vancouver area is the least expensive. If you are not lucky and Amazon assigns your Less-than-Container (LCL) ocean shipment to a fulfillment center in Toronto area, expect to pay on average 25% more, and to a center in Calgary – 50% more compared to Vancouver. Obviously, shipping LCL cargo arriving through deconsolidation warehouses in Vancouver area to the outlying FBA Edmonton warehouse will be on a par with the expensive shipping to the Calgary FBA.