Our Vancouver Warehouse’s Amazon Prep Service Rates

Master Carton Forwarding Rates*

Master Carton WEIGHT Rate per carton
Up to 10 kg Up to 22 lbs CAD 6.00
11-16 kg 23-35 lbs CAD 8.00
17-23 kg 36-50 lbs CAD 10.00
24-27 kg 51-60 lbs CAD 12.00
  • receiving inbound master cartons (loose or palletized)
  • inspecting loose master cartons without opening
  • placing master cartons on pallets
  • putting pallets away into storage
  • retrieving pallets from storage
  • breaking pallets down
  • picking certain SKU master cartons
  • applying Amazon FBA and shipping labels to master cartons
  • releasing to outbound courier carriers (the UPS or other)
  • if required, palletizing on Amazon compliant 48”x40” wooden skids, shrink wrapping and releasing to outbound LTL carriers

Pallet Forwarding Rate*

Pallet Forwarding Rate: CAD 120/pallet

* Master Carton and Pallet Forwarding Rates do not include transportation to Amazon warehouses. These are the rates for the specified warehousing services only.

Other Prep Services

Prep Services Rate per item
Amazon FNSKU Labeling CA$0.50
Bundling + FNSKU Labeling CA$1.50
Polybag Packaging + FNSKU Labeling CA$1.25
Bubble Packaging + FNSKU Labeling CA$1.80
Receiving FBA Removals CA$6.00 per carton
Kitting and Other Services CA$45 per man-hour
Minimum Order CA$40 per work order

Monthly Storage Rate

Monthly Storage Rate*: CAD 40/standard pallet

* Temporary storage up to 365 days. Standard pallet spot size is 48”x40”x58” max. Up to 2 SKUs per pallet max. Monthly storage rate is prorated on a daily basis. Subject to SC Integrators’ Warehouse Receipt Terms and Conditions.

No Account Management Fees